Dumpster Services

12, 20, & 30 Yard Dumpsters


Includes drop-off, pick-up, additional fees may apply.

The following items can be accepted if placed on top and near the door of the dumpster for easy removal.  We must be informed before you load these items into the dumpster to avoid extra fees.



A = Asphalt

B = Bricks

C = Concrete

D = Dirt

Call 910-599-6814 for pricing.

Additional Services
garage full of junk

Rental Houses and Foreclosures

Let us remove left over furniture and debris from your rental house prior to your new tenant moving in. We'll take care of the heavy lifting for you. 

Garage Cleanup

Tired of your garage being over crowded? We'll come by and take whatever you're looking to get rid of. 

Services include dumpster, tipping fees by weight, and laborers for the job required. 

Call 910-599-6814 for pricing.

12 Cubic Yards of Debris

The average car can hold 1.6 cubic yards of waste and can take about 2.5 hours per trip. Wouldn't you rather someone else do it for you?

Hazardous and Prohibited Material
hazerdous material sign

Hazardous, toxic, biohazard medical waste, asbestos, solvents, paints, and chemicals are prohibited by law.  


Please Check with your County Landfill for how to properly and safely dispose of hazardous materials. 

Brunswick Co (LINK)

New Hanover Co (LINK)


Our unique 12 yard dumpsters can be placed in your driveway/job site without taking up too much space. Our dumpsters are user friendly with wide opening doors and low sidewalls for easy disposal of debris. The lightweight design helps to minimize damage to the job site. The size and convenience of our dumpsters makes it more cost effective than that of the bigger dumpster services out there.

Truck 4
Truck 4

12, 20 yard dumpsters
12, 20 yard dumpsters

12 yard dumpster
12 yard dumpster

Truck 4
Truck 4