Serving Brunswick & New Hanover Counties

About us

Waste Partners, LLC is a locally-owned dumpster rental company in Leland, NC founded in early 2017. The husband and wife team saw potential in a rapidly growing area where a need for good customer service would be appreciated. 

Waste Partners has a vision to bring local, reliable, and honest waste removal service to the area. We understand the importance of customer service and pride ourselves on giving our customers what they need and deserve. 

Dumpster Rentals

From roofing shingles to yard debris, we can haul off any material allowable by law. Whether you have construction debris, demolition debris or just need junk removal, we have three different sizes depending not only the job, but the site location. 

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Mission Statement

Waste Partners is a waste and debris disposal company that provides the best in clean up and transport of all kinds of waste with excellent customer service and at affordable rates. Our mission is to become the recognized leader in its targeted market for refuse removal services. We look for the opportunity to serve residential, commercial, and remodel businesses. We are a full service waste disposal provider that has aspirations of becoming an industry leader serving the Cape Fear regional area including Wilmington, Leland and the outlying areas.